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“Chu Lai OEZ toward a more dynamic and efficient economic zone”

The 10th anniversary of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ) was held on August 17, 2013 in Quang Nam province.  On this occasion, the Vietnam Industrial Review has carried out an interview with Deputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, member of the Politburo of the Party Central Committee, on the outcomes of 10 years in operation of the OEZ as well as its targets and directions in the years to come. 

Reporter: How do you think about the initial positive results of Chu Lai OEZ after 10 years of establishment and development?

Duputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc: As an unprecedented case, the establishment and operation of Chu Lai OEZ was a challenge as we had to develop the EZ concurrently with finding suitable directions for it. However, under the right policies of the Politburo, the Parliament and the Government on economic development, door-opening and international integration, associated with the consistence of the party committee, administration authorities and local people of Quang Nam province, the complexion of the very first economic zone in Vietnam was gradually sketched out. The development of Chu Lai OEZ over the past years with a number of positive outcomes has proved the direction right.

The most notable success of Chu Lai OEZ lies in the dramatic change of the land where it located, from a white sandy soil with a very poor agricultural productivity to a dynamic manufacturing and tourist site, hosting national large-scale projects.

The investment capital from the national budget for Chu Lai OEZ has been fully utilized, reaching its highest efficiency level. Operating projects in Chu Lai OEZ have considerably contributed to the socio-economic development of Quang Nam province, generating key industrial products, gradually shifting the province’s economic structure, and increasing the local budget revenue. Thanks to Chu Lai OEZ development, Quang Nam was among the list of high-revenue provinces with the state budget balance of 50%. Especially, the automobile manufacturing and assembling sector has significantly contributed to the development of the country’s automotive engineering industry, connecting it to the global manufacturing chain.  

From the practical experience of Chu Lai OEZ, it is recognizable that the initial achievements of the OEZ have been resulted from the close steering of the central government and the consistence and determination of the party committee, administration authorities and local people of Quang Nam province. The Chu Lai OEZ Management Board particularly and administration authorities generally have not only well performed their state management function but also actively facilitated investors. The achievements have also come from the competent official human resource who fulfilled their missions with high responsibilities.

Reporter: What are your expectations on the development of Chu Lai OEZ in the future?

Duputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc: Generally speaking, Chu Lai OEZ is the pioneering EZ in the country which was established to pilot the new institutional framework, create an investment environment complying with the international practices, gain the experience in international economic integration, and lift up the economic condition of the Central region as well as the country.  

With these positive outcomes, Chu Lai OEZ has constantly proved its role in pushing up the economic development. Recently, the Ministry of Heavy Industry and Commerce of Korea and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam have reached an agreement on a cooperating program to develop the Vietnam-Korea industrial, urban and service complex with Korean cultural identity. The Vietnam government has also allowed to establish the Chu Lai Air-plane Caring Center in Chu Lai OEZ, specializing in repair and maintenance services for air-planes.

Reporter: As the former Chairman of Quang Nam People Committee, what do you suggest for Chu Lai OEZ to fulfill its targets and development directions?

Duputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc: Chu Lai OEZ recently has been chosen to be one of the five key coastal economic zones to be prioritized with special mechanism for physical infrastructure development, preferential investment policies, and development investment from the state budget in the period of 2013-2015. Therefore, it is a must for Quang Nam province to define the key and driving projects to fully mobilize the province potential resources for the target of a dynamic and effective economic zone. The OEZ should also follow the model of a complex economic zones centralized by automotive engineering industry, surrounding by supporting industries, electronic and high tech industry, attaining the local content of 40% in car manufacturing, pushing up export and accessing to the global market. 

Concurrently with a long term strategy, it is necessary to find strategic and driving projects as well as suggest the typical mechanism for these projects. The province should not overhasty in inducing investment projects without carefully considering the environment impacts and local conditions. Besides, Quang Nam should focus on developing services such as tourism, cargo and international tourist transportation, trading services; effectively utilize and develop the sea-port system including Ky Ha Port and Tam Hiep Port, etc.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Reported by Bich Thuy

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