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New phase development of IPs and EZs in 2007


In the context of deeper and wider renovation in institution and investment environment, activities of IPs and EZs in 2007 continue their recent growth rates. IP and EPZ system has seen a number of remarkable features:  


1. The year 2007 has witnessed the largest number of new-established and expanded IPs in the recent 16 years of establishing and developing IP system. In 2007, there were 45 licensed projects into IP infrastructure development, of which 33 projects to establish new IPs with the total area of 9,024 ha and 12 projects to extend existing IPs with the area of 1,992 ha. By the end of 2007, the country owned 183 IPs with the total natural area of 43,687 ha in 54 provinces and cities. The area scale of IPs has increased by 33% since the early of 2007.
The newly established IPs were adjusted towards creating favorable conditions for areas of difficulty (such as Northwest, Central Highland and Southwest region), however, concentrated into areas in 3 key economic zones (North, Central and South), which included 87 IPs with the total natural area of 24,198 ha, taking an account of 81% of the IP area nationwide.
Apart from IPs, in 2007, 3 EZs were established including Van Don EZ in Quang Ninh province, Southeast Nghe An in Nghe An province, and Dinh Vu- Cat Hai EZ in Hai Phong province. To date, the country has total 11 EZs with the total land and water surface of 562,673 ha.
2. In 2007, a number of newly established IPs have finished infrastructure construction and been ready for investors, comprising of IPs in Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces (such as Nhon Trach II IP, Loc Khang IP, Bau Xeo IP, Thanh Phu IP) and even in difficult provinces such as Gia Lai, Vinh Long, Ben Tre, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, etc. In these provinces, investment inducement has initially brought about positive outcomes.
Out of 183 IPs, there were 111 IPs in operation with the leased area of 13,120 ha, making the leased rate of 73%. Nationwide, the total leased area reached 14,382 ha, taking an account of 50% of the area of existing IPs.
3. In 2007, the country attracted 14 FDI projects and 31 domestic projects into IP infrastructure development with the total investment capital of 870 million US dollars and 20,200 billion Vietnam dongs (equivalent to 1,260 million US dollars).
To date, there have been 31 FDI projects and 152 domestic projects in IP infrastructure development nationwide with the total registered capital of 1,872 million US dollars and 57,000 billion Vietnam dongs (equivalent to 3,600 million US dollars).
4. FDI as well as domestic investment into manufacturing and business in IPs and EPZs has surged in 2007.
In 2007, IPs nationwide attracted 7,270 million US dollars FDI, representing in 605 newly-established projects with the capital of 4,805 million US dollars and 459 capital-augmented projects with the increased capital of 2,465 million US dollars. Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City topped the list of investment capital attracted into IPs.
As for domestic investment, IPs nationwide induced 468 newly-established projects and 128 investment-augmented projects with the total registered capital of 41,629 billion Vietnam dongs (equivalent to 2,600 million US dollars). Provinces topping the list could be cited as Ba Ria – Vung Tau (over 5,000 billion Vietnam dongs), Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong (over 3,000 billion Vietnam dongs), Hai Duong (2,800 billion Vietnam dongs), Long An (2,100 billion Vietnam dongs). Therefore, in accumulation, by the end of 2007, IP system has attracted over 3,020 FDI projects with the registered capital of 29,872 billion US dollars and 3,070 domestic projects with the registered capital of 197,382 billion Vietnam dongs (equivalent to 12.336 billion US dollars).
In 2007, EZs nationwide attracted 450 million US dollars and over 10,000 billion Vietnam dongs. The EZ network is now hosting 238 FDI and domestic projects with the total registered capital of 9.9 billion US dollars, of which 62 FDI projects are in validity with the registered capital of 3.1 billion US dollars.
5. IPs and EZs continue their rapid and stable development in manufacturing activities as well as investment reimbursement. In 2007, capital implementation of FDI sector in IPs and EZs reached 2,600 million US dollars, making up 56% of the reimbursed FDI capital in this year, which illustrates the capability and contribution of IPs and EZs into FDI capital implementation nationwide.
By December 2007, IP system had hosted 2,012 FDI projects and 1,930 domestic projects in operation with the implemented capital of 14,046 million US dollars and 104,261 billion Vietnam dongs, accounting for 47% and 53% of the registered FDI and domestic capital respectively.

In 2007, IP system also met a higher growth rate of manufacturing activities compared to last year. IP enterprises reached the total turnover of 22.4 billion US dollars, 24% increase compared to 2006. Export turnover attained 10.8 billion US dollars, increasing by 31.7% compared to 2006 and accounting for 22% of the country’s total export turnover

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