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Dai An, an Industrial Park holds many advantages that attract investor


Dai An Industrial Park (Hai Duong province) was established in 2003. It places in km 51, National road No 5, next to Hai Duong city and has favorable traffic conditions. This Industrial Park has an area of 664 ha. The total investment capital for constructing infrastructure was about VND 1800 billion with investor is Dai An joint-stock company. The construction plan was divided into 2 phrases. The 1st phrase (the 1st zone) constructed an area of 189,92 ha including 170,82 ha of industrial land and 19 ha of residential area. The 2nd phrase (the 2nd zone) started constructing in 2007 with an area of 474 ha, in which 403 ha is for industrial and 71 ha is for residential use.


After 5 years of constructing, at present, the 1st zone has completed building infrastructure, attracted 31 projects with rented land reached 95%. The area finished clearing ground made up 51% the total area of the 2nd zone and now are building the infrastructure



Among 31 projects awarded Investment Certificate, 15 projects already came into operation, 9 projects are building factory, 7 projects are complete procedure for obtaining construction certificate. The total investment capital of those projects is 422 million USD in which total reimbursed capital accounted for 60%. The number of labors working in Dai An Industrial Park is about 6800 people and 85% are local labors. This Industrial Park attracted many companies which belong to big Cooperation in developed countries.



The infrastructure of Dai An Industrial Park was comprehensive and modern. It is built to meet the requirements for a clear, environment-friendly Industrial Park. At the moment, Dai An Industrial Park has water treatment plan with capacity of 200 m3 a day, serve the 1st zone.



In order to create more favorable conditions for investors and labors working in Industrial Park, Dai An joint-stock company ready to supply a perfect supporting service system within shortest time with suitable price including design consultant and constructing, transportation, warehouse, insurance service, support labor and house hiring, etc., ... This company also plan to build a college of vocational training in order to supply skillful labors for Industrial Parks in this area.


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