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Labor and daily life of workers in IP, EZ


Through 20 years of development, up to now, there have been 15 EZs and 260 IPs that were established. The IP, EZ have made important contributions to the achievement of eco-socio development of the country, including the significant contribution of 1.6 million direct employees working in industrial zones, EZ. Ensuring workers’ IZ, EZ on the working conditions is more improved, enhancing the material and spiritual life is an important task, requiring the attention of authorities as well as businesses. 


System policies related to living conditions, work of employees in the industrial zone, EZ include:
- Policy on wages and income: are specific provided in the Labor Code and the Decree of the Government: Decree 114/2002/ND-CP on December 31st 2002 specifying in detail and guiding implementation of some articles of the Labor Code on wages and labor. Decree No. 107/2010/ND-CP and Decree 108/2010/ND-CP provided the minimum wage to apply in the enterprise; Decree No. 97/2009/ND-CP and Decree No. 98/2009/ND-CP on October 30th 2009 prescribed minimum wage for employees working in enterprises and various circulars to guide implementation.
- Policy on labor relations has been issued in the Government Decree No. 41/CP on July 6th 1995 and Decree No. 93/2002/ND-CP on November 11th 2002 and circulars to guide implementation.
- Policy on Housing: provided in the Housing Law, Decree No. 90/2006/ND-CP on September 6th 2006 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of the Housing Law, Decision No. 66/2009/QD-TTg on April 24th2009 of the Prime Minister issued a number of mechanisms and policies to develop housing for the workers in the industrial park and many guidance circulars.
Besides, there is a system of policies on medical and health care for workers, education and training, culture, physical education, sport and about the labor movement and residence...
However, in practice, the above policy has revealed some limitations and shortcomings, making life and employment of workers in the industrial zone, EZ also difficult. To improve living and working conditions of workers in IZ, EZ, should have the determination of many people.
- For the Government, local governments at all levels should improve the policy and law system to improve working conditions, support material life and spiritual needs of the employees in the IZ, EZ, fitting with the actual conditions of the country, focusing on vocational training for rural youth, especially rural land that are withdrawn for constructing IZ, EZ; performing the construction, development of industrial zones, EZ rationally, sustainably; improving responsibility of local authorities in directing, inspecting and supervising the obedience of concerned policies and laws.
- For the political and social institutions: strengthening the role of social and political organizations; renew the activities of trade unions, boosting public inspection regarding the implementation of the regime relating to the rights, obligations and interests of workers, employers, trade unions actively participated in legislation.
- For employees: innovating awareness of career path, training professional ethics, practicing industrial behavior; perception correctly of the role of grassroots organizations, to actively participate in the workplace and residence’s activities.
- For enterprises: complying with the legal provisions relating to working conditions, material and spiritual life and needs of the employees in the IZ, EZ; actively contribute ideas, improve relevant policy and legislation, being aware of social responsibility of enterprises in improving the quality of human resources.
A number of measures to improve living and working conditions of workers IZ, EZ
a. Groups of solutions related to perfecting mechanisms and policies of the State
- Improve the provisions of law and related policies that improves the mode of labor, material and spiritual support of workers IZ, EZ. Immediately, priority should be focused on solutions to improve policy and wage income, measures to improve labor relations, measures to improve housing conditions.
- Improve the effectiveness of the law: In this issue, the leadership and direction of the party executive committees and local governments have an important role. Accordingly, it is necessary to improve the quality and effectiveness of inspection and supervision of the State management agencies, political and social organizations of locality, dealing strictly with acts of deliberate violations of law, slow improvement after checking and investigation. Provincial People’s Committees and People’s Committees at all levels in cooperation with the provincial Federation of Labor, holding regular dialogues with leaders of some large enterprises in the province, when a labor dispute occurred, EZ, IZ Management Board timely coordinates with other departments and related organizations to handle and mediate...
b. Groups of solutions related to enterprise
Recruiting laborers should favor workers in the vicinity of IZ, EZ and the areas where land is taken for IZ, EZ;
- To organize regularly tri-party dialogue mechanism;
- Increase the maximum expenditure for (from the welfare fund of the business) allowances for poor employees, illness, convalescence to match market prices;
- Perform extensively forms of reward which stimulate the production and business development;
- Organize extensively good and creative labor competition;
- Implement appropriate activities to enhance the safety and convenience in labor efficiency, reduced accidents for workers;
- To organize study tours in the IZ, EZ so that workers have the opportunity to share experiences, exchange simple, inexpensive but effective methods in improving working conditions, environment and landscape plants;
- Organize of propagate education on labor law and safety - occupational health for workers from the new business operation and to new recruited workers;
- When a labor dispute occurs, business owners must be active, willing to discuss with the grassroots trade union to negotiate between the parties or proposed reconciliation…
c. Solutions related to workers
- Actively learn to raise awareness, understanding the basic rules regarding rights and obligations in labor relations. Seriously study the labor regulations, labor agreements to implement effectively the provisions and protect rights and legitimate interests of themselves and colleagues;
- Participate in building developed enterprise;
- Actively participate activities held by enterprises, organizations and residence ...
In addition, it is required to build a better living environment in industrial zones. Promote the provision of social services to serve for employee life in IZ, EZ. These solutions will be highly effective when implement along with investment in housing development for workers of IZ, EZ ...
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