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Dung Quat Oil refinery plant: Strive to finish building by the end of the first quarter of 2009

By the end of April 2008, after 34 months of building, Dung Quat Oil refinery plant has finished building works. Many oil tanks, middle product basins, crude oil distilling and divided towers, cracking catalysis, auxiliary technique shops, and power stations are being built in the large area. Up to now, the process of building refinery plant reached 90%, in which architectural duties has been finished. Other factors like equipment purchasing were estimated at 98% while constructing and installing process gained nearly 70%. The central power plant was brought into operation. Accordingly, by June 2008, turbines of power plant will work on trial. The technical shops will also start operating in September 2008. The breakwaters are 90% finished. In the terminated process, export port is being installed equipments and technical tube systems


According to the head of project management board: All the construction site of Dung Quat oil refinery plant is striving to accelerate the building progress, so that by the end of March 2009, the first refined oil product will be brought into the market. At present, investors, supervising consultants and Technip contractor make detail plan and fulfill some duties from carrying the left equipments to the site, installing equipments and ensuring technical tasks and staffs .The top priority is meet the deadline and quality of the project.



In the next few months, one of the most important parts is to supply enough well-trained and experienced expertise, together with investors to solve the problems especially ensuring the progress of installing accurately accordance with the design of equipment system of the final stage. In addition, it is necessary to make plan and prepare for the trial working. investors mobilized all the best resources, from human to equipments to fulfill all the duties of final stage, simultaneously improve the quality of supervising tasks to check before acceptance.



In order to safely operate the plant, from the first days of working, project investor signed contract with many groups and foreign companies to provide training courses on operating and maintaining plant for engineers and technical staffs. Tens of them participated in advanced training course on operating the refinery plant in VOP Company in US, and , and more than 600 staffs are home- trained. At present, they keep on being trained so that they could undertake the important positions at Dung Quat refinery plant site.



According to Dinh La Thang, chairperson of the Managing Board of the Viet Nam Oil and Gas Corporation, the plant will be finished by the end of the first quarter of 2009. After the trial running, it will reach the designed capacity, about 6.5 billion tons by the 2nd quarter of 2009. The main product of Dung Quat refinery plant are oil, gas and liquified petroleum gas, from that we can produce other products like bitumen, synthetic fiber, etc.



exports from 16-17 million tons of crude oil per year, but import about 12 million tons of refined oil for the domestic consumption. Therefore, Dung Quat refinery plant’s capacity only meets 50% of home-demand. In the future, thanks to the new establishment of some refinery plants such as: Nghi Son refinery plant (with the estimated capacity is 10 million tons/year) in Thanh Hoa province, Long Son refinery plant (7.5 million tons/year) in Ba Ria- Vung Tau, the volume of refinery oil will be huge enough to meet the domestic demand. Those plants are scheduled to start operation in 2013.n 

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