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Dong Nai Industrial Zone Authority - The 20th intinerary

The being born of Industrial Zone (IZ), Export Processing Zone (EPZ) was closely connected to renovation, open-door policy that took the initiative from the 6th Party Congress (1986). The Party always affirms that the construction and development of the IZs are extremely important factors for quickly intensifying the cause of industrialization, modernization of the country.

The Government has decided to establish the Industrial Zones Authority at provincial level. This is the state agency that directly manages the IZs within the limit of a province/city, carries out the management structure of “one-door, on-site”. The Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA) was established by the Prime Minister’s decision on the 6th April, 1995. During 20 years of its operation, DIZA always affirms its position, its role and responsibility in the cause of IZ construction and development.

DIZA’s 20-year operational history (1995-2015) is showed in some main activities.

About framework of organization and tasks of DIZA

At the beginning of its establishment, DIZA has got only 11 persons - the Director, the Vice Director and 3 functional sections (of Administration, Investment, and Planning) to carry out their tasks according to Decree 192/CP. In July 1997, it was replaced by Decree 36/CP on IZ, EPZ status.

On 14 March 2008, Decree 29/CP on IZ, EPZ, EZ (Economic Zone) was promulgated to replace Decree 36/CP with several contents of pushing up decentralization and devolving managing authority to various levels. Number of staffs was continously increased. Now total staffs of DIZA goes up to 100 persons. Some sections now change their name, function in order to perform their tasks according to regulations of Decree 29/CP.

About tasks of Planning-Construction management

By the end of 1998, after the promulgation of Decree 36/CP, Dong Nai totally planned 17 IZs with total area 8,110 hectares, in which 9 IZs were appointed by the Government.

In March, 2008, Decree 29/CP was promulagated. According to this, the Provincial People’s Committee granted DIZA powers of: issue construction permit, certify IZ immovables dealing contract, certify project ownership, ect. These administrative procedures were quickly carried out according to legal regulations. DIZA in association with infrastructure companies and other relevant bodies to solve problems such as compensation for land releasing, water and electricity & communication system supply, building dwellings and welfare facilities for workers...

About Environment Management

Industrial waste treatment and environment protection are extremely important tasks. To effectuate the Decree 36/CP, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment granted DIZA, in association with Dong Nai Department of Science, Technology and Environment (currently Department of Resource and Environment and Department of Science and Technology) the power to control, inspect industrial waste treatment of the enterprises.

When Decree 29/CP was promulgated, DIZA actively carried out instructions, resolutions of Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee regarding environment issues. DIZA also supervised and speeded up the construction of concentrated sewage treatment plants and rapidly carried out the verification and approval of the Environment Impact Assessment.

About task of Investment Management

This is a very important duty in DIZA activities.  In 1997, after being granted by Ministry of Planning and Invesment to issue Investment License according to Decree 36/CP, DIZA rapidly execute the task, and petition the Ministry for simplifying the file preparation and procedure for verifying the project.  Several licenses were granted within only 2-3 days by DIZA according to the guiderlines: rapid - favourable - accurate, and were carried out in accordance with ISO criteria. Investment License issuing procedure is performed quickly and favourably, and was giving cheerful reception by the investors.

DIZA also speeds up investment promotion tasks: founded the showroom for enterprises’ products in order to expand IZ image, set up website on IZs’ issues...

About task of labour management

In 1988, DIZA carried out Decree of Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affair on granting DIZA power to effectuate some tasks according to Decree 36/CP. Contents of administrative procedures are carried out rapidly and accurately, brought about enterprises’ faith in DIZA.

Industrial Zones in Dong Nai have got the whole country’s biggest quantity of labours (479,000) so the mass of works and complicacy of managerial task also increased. DIZA in association with relevant agancies made good solutions to strikes. (Recently, striking cases have been thorouhly decreased comparing with previous years).

Number of workers yearly increases about 15,000 - 20,000, making great pressure on recruitment of labours. DIZA deployed campaign to search for human resources from other provinces. In 2008 DIZA founded the Skilled Workers Supplying-Training Centre for this purpose.

About Enterprises Management

In 1997, Ministry of Trade granted DIZA power of some duties, including the task of issuing Export-Import Licence, C/O form D. In the year of 1998 DIZA already issued 1,500 Export-Import Licences with the turnover 2.3 billion USD. Time limit for granting licences was from 1 to 7 days. Several C/O form D were issued in only 2 hours.

Beside that, some regulations were changed afterwards, so DIZA has gradually got a transfer to enterprises managerial task with its main duty of counting and monitoring the enterprises’activities. At present, 825 FDI entrprises and 250 domestic enterprises are in operation. Due to global economic recession during recent years, our task of supporting enterprises to solve difficulties has been faced with complicacies.

About Office Section

It may say that achievements of all sections of DIZA’s sections have an important share of the office job. This section is always the instigation of home affairs, foreign relations, looking after, maintaining every activity of the organization. The office is in charge of: setting up the quality management system as per ISO criteria; building up and maintaining DIZA’s website; administrative reform; emulation & commend and reward task.

In spite of lacking of material facilities during the first years in operation, DIZA’s office section has exerted itself to the utmost, and deserves to be the Labour Order nominee in the year 2015.

About  DIZA’s Representatives

In its function as information clue, following up every activity of the IZs, DIZA’s representatives in several cases may be on behalf of leaders, chiefs of functional sections to settle some issues on site of the enterprises. This part operates well especially in some tasks such as following up, monitoring activities in construction, environment, taking part in strike settlement, having a thorough grasp of the latent threats in IZs’ activities and timely refer the matter to the leaders. Model of this organization and its operating mechanism are always matters od consideration to IZs authorities in other provinces.

About coordination work

IZs’ activities are very diversified that need management jobs from many relevant bodies.

Since 2000 DIZA founded the Industrial Zones Managerial Council that consists of representatives from relevant Departments, Services and District People’s Committees. This institution is no more preserved. Current coordination works based on mutual agreements, rules in coordination status. Activities in IZs are better and better controlled now that create more favourable conditions for enterprises’ operation.

Task of directing, managing

DIZA’s policy, principle, guiderline of leadership always aim at the target to build up successfully the IZs on the basis of correctly carrying out Party’s policy and Government’s regulations. In the beginning of establishment, thre was lacking of legal corridor, so the directing principle was: be cautious in job treatment, be united, overcome difficulties, try one’s best to fulfil the duties. This principle has accompanied DIZA thoughout the 20-year stage.

DIZA’s leaders always preserve the principle of “one-door; on-site” and the guiderline of “accompany the enterprises”. When the requirement of administrative reform became an urgent task, the leaders have always supervised and spedded up quick procedures performance. When the task of sewage treatment, environment protection became an urgent request to the IZs, DIZA’s leaders have concentrated on directing its sections, especially the environment section, to perform every task aiming at the target requested.

Achievements  of IZs construction & development

With untiring endeavours through 20 years in operation under close direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee, the concern from Ministry of Planning & Investment and relevant central ministries, DIZA, together with other local agencies and enterprises have built up a system of IZs of successful operation.

Owing to favourable geographic location, from 1994 to 2012, DIZA has built up 31 IZs with total area of approx. 10,000 hectares (leasing land occupied up to 67% so far). Capital invested in infrastructure building up to 400 million USD. The Dong Nai IZs have made great progress in field of sewage treatment and environment protection in recent years.

In 31 IZs there are investors from 40 nations and territories with 1,336 projects, in which 973 FDI projects with total capital 17.7 billion USD; 369 domestic projects with total capital 43,000 billion VND. Investment attraction in recent years always reached and exceeded the norm of 1 billion USD. In 2014 DIZA gets 1.5 billion USD and over 4,000 billion VND with various businesses of high technologies and somewhat world-wide famous trade marks.

The IZs in Dong Nai province attracted over 470,000 employees (up to 21% total number of 2.25 million employees by the end of 2014 working for all IZs nationwide) including 5,000 foreign ones. These IZs have made a higher and higher contribution to local budget every year: USD 461 million for the year 2012, USD 533 million for 2013, USD 534 million for 2014.

Industrial Zones construction & development undertaking have brought Dong Nai province great benefits:

First, being assessed as one of the the areas taking the lead in the movement of building and developing the IZs, realities of IZs construction and management in Dong Nai have made a positive contribution to perfection of general legal corridor on the IZs and the task of administrative reform.

Second, IZs’ activities have made an important contribution to the process of planning, shape taking and developing new urban areas and common infrastructure system as well.

Third, IZs’ development has strongly atracted investment projects, esp. foreign investment.

Fourth, IZs’ development creates favourable conditions for Dong Nai to approach and step by step upgrade knowledge about the world’s scientific & technical level. Transfer economic structure from agriculture to industry, then to industry-service and agriculture structure.

Fifth, IZs’ development have made contribution to form and increase service activities such as: customs affairs, labour supply, sewage treatment, lodging, advisory services...

Sixth, IZs’ development have made an important contribution to supply jobs, encourage learning spirit, enhance people’s intellectual standard.

Seventh, in the process of actracting foreign investment, Dong Nai province has established a lot of international relationships, specifically regarding culture and society, education and training, science and technique, environment protection.

In order to get the abovementioned results, beyond endeavours in association with entire provincial forces to construct the IZs sucessfully, it must included the effort to build up the agency of DIZA.

Party building up task

During 20 years, DIZA Party Committee has continuously developed in size, quality and leading modality. In the beginning of its establishment, the Party Cell has only 4 members. By 2011, Party Cell developed into Party Committee that consisted of 4 party cells. By early 2015, number of Party members are 45, approx. 47% the total staff of DIZA, increased by over ten tkmes compares with establishing time. Together with growing up in size, the quality of Party Committee and Party members are gradually enhanced. At present, there are 33% Party members of Master degree, 62% of Bachelor degree; 27% of Senior Level of Political Theory, 4% of Political Bachelor Degree.

About Union activities

The Trade Union was formed as soon as DIZA founded. Today all of DIZA’s employees are members of Trade Union. Through 20 years in operation, the Union has built up a strong force and carried out several practical activities.

The Union have organized propagandizing, studying activities, mobilized members to participate fully in emulation movement, arts and sports movements. Every year DIZA’s Trade Union always gets excellent achievements and many awards from Senior Trade Union.

The Youth Union Branch was formed in the beginning of DIZA’s establishing period. Now the Branch has 38 members, approx. 40% of total employees. The Branch organizes successfully political study & activity phases for learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. Youth Union Branch is always a seed-bed of staunch candidates for recruiting new Party members.


20 year time has passed, DIZA has always been grown up, strongly developed in various fields, has accumulated many experiences and valuable lessons. The next stage needs more efficient managemen of DIZA. The IZs should be built much greener, cleaner, more beautiful, with better oder and security conditions.

With a strong belief that Dong Nai will soon become a modern industrial province, DIZA will make endeavours in every task activity, will be worthy of the nationwide leading area in IZs buiding and developing, worthy of Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee and Government.


 Nguyen Manh Van - Standing Vice Director, Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority


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