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Aiming to satisfy the imperative demand for information promulgation, the website is the official organ of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) of Vietnam within the scope of Industrial Parks (IPs) and Export Processing Zones (EPZs). Facilitated by the typical characteristics of electronic newspapers, the website is expected to keep the subscribers updated with latest information related to IPs and EPZs as well as be amongst the effective channels for investment inducement in IPs and EPZs nationwide.

Missions and Purposes:

The website is authorized to undertake the following missions:

- To propagandize, release information and provide guidelines for investing and managing IPs, EPZs, high-tech zones, economic zones and other economic models (herein after called IPs) as well as address issues related to IPs under the umbrella of the Law on Press, the country’s legislation and the direction of the Minister for Planning and Investment.

- To be the sole official organ to release IPs information in the Internet.

- To perform the function of an intermediary, connecting the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Management Boards of Industrial Parks and Economic Zones, and investors in addressing the issues raising within the terrotory of such economic models.


Board of Editors:

Editor-in-Chief: Le Thanh Quan
Sub-Editor: Nguyen Thi Hong Van

Head Office:

Address: Room 501, Building B, No. 6B Hoang Dieu, BaDinh, HaNoi, Vietnam
Telephone: (+84) 80.44889 / 80.44888
Fax: (+84) 80.44887
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